Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat (alladinsane) wrote in binky_betsy,
Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat

Saturday October 6th

sorry for the delay all...had to do some drinking to get thru this strip...

And here we go...

Panel 1: OF COURSE SHE JUST HAD TO CALL ANTHONY!! She needed a "friend"...and that's all they are...just "friends". Of course Anthony is glad she called....he stares at his phone for several hours every night just hoping she'll call; at least on those nights he doesnt go over to her apartment and look in on her through the window...harder to do at a basement apartment...

Panel 2: My my have such a miserable life...if it was April saying all that, you'd call her a spoiled princess wouldnt you?. Good to hear April is still mad at you.

When is your Mom NOT upset? Oh yeah, when she's feeding that double chinned face of hers with her slop...that's you in a few decades Liz...Anthony take notes...

Oh and the kids are hoo knew the job was dangerous when you abandoned the First Peoples to come home...or are they tough because none of them come over to peek in your window? Oops, I'll retract that. None of them get to peek in your window because Anthony runs them off; he wants the whole window for himself.

Panel 3: Yes Blanthony, you know about negative stuff piling on all at once. You piled a lot of it on Therese all thru your engagement and marriage.

Panel 4: Yep Anthony. You and Liz resolve things by just being passive and letting Fate handle things. Good thing for you in that Fate is always on the side of the Perfect Pattersons and Their Chosen Ones. And of course "Just Friends" go off to a lonely romantic spot on a quiet lake under the stars to converse

Panel 5: She's leaning on him and his eyes are closed and an orgasmic expression is coming across his face, hence we all know where his other hand REALLY is and what he's doing with it.
Of course Liz, who's just a "friend", couldnt be happier about what he's doing with his other hand.

At least April is still mad and she hasnt been smacked down(yet) for daring to question Liz' goodness at giving away a family heirloom to a thief...a thief with pervy tendencies that Liz seemed to favor and enjoy.

Guess next week is when the Jim flashbacks begin...of course His Delicate Genius will prob narrate them at the hospital bed so he can slam Crazy Jim and make himself look superior to Elly and Iris; or maybe he'll do it at the Pattermanse to impress JonBenet and Crown Prince Poopie Pants and teach them that losing Crazy Grandpa is no real loss for them. It means more time for Superteddy throwing and listening to Daddy read more of his writings to them!

Damn I need some more beer...
Tags: granthony, granthony going-after, granthony the amazing, granthony the innocent victim, liz, liz the professional victim, lizthony, lovepocalypse, obliviliz, saint liz, the great granthony, the lovepocalypse, why do they let this woman teach?

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