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Friday October 5th

Well all..another surprise...I had something else prepared, but its scrapped...pardon me while I work thru the anger...

Panel 1: So Elly's not going to leave Iris there alone...Elly's not chancing being outmartyred...

Panel 2: Cant disagree on that

Panel 3: Here we go...never thought April would find out about answer me Liz actually looking at April when she tells her what she did with the harmonica....or is she ACTUALLY ROLLING HER EYES over being asked?

Panel 4: Yes it was a keepsake..."but Jesse was special...he used to come by and peek in my bedroom window all the time...besides he stole the harmonica from me in the first place! That proved to me he wanted and deserved that harmonica more than you or Grandpa ever did because neither of you wanted that harmonica so bad that you would actually steal it!! That's what made Jesse so special!!" Yeah, Liz that harmonica meant a lot to did Paul and all those First People you kicked aside...and you meant it when you told Jesse you'd keep in touch...yep you did...

Panel 5: And Liz turns on that haughty and smug Perfect Patterson look of self rightousness!! "It's not your place to make me feel guilty you miserable oops baby!! You were and still are an accident to this family!! So no guilt trips on me you failure of proper family planning!"

If I needed any more reason to hate Liz, this strip def provided it...After this one, I actually feel a little bit sorry that Ant will be spending his life with that miserable bitch...and poor poor Frannie...she didnt ask to have Liz swoop into her life...

Congrats Lynn...everytime I think you cant make Liz more of a miserable self righteous bint who deserves to live out her days in a basement playpen, you prove me quite wrong...

Anyone wanna bet John or Genius will show up tomorrow and smack down April for daring to question Liz' nobility in giving away Jim's harmonica to a thief?
Tags: april vs. liz, liz, liz the professional victim, obliviliz, saint liz, smug liz, the martian creature, why do they let this woman teach?

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