Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat (alladinsane) wrote in binky_betsy,
Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat

Thursday October 4th

Well everyone...looks like I somewhat called it..."just" another stroke and veg bad or permanent to be determined probably after we go thru some strip reprints featuring Jim...St. Elly and His Delicate Genius wont be badly affected...Iris can wait at the hospital and Elly can go ahead and take care of Crown Prince Poopie Pants...

Since going panel by panel is a bit pointless IMO for today's strip I'll just make a few observations:

- At least they got him to the hospital in time...doesnt matter if Iris waited for Elly or not..

- Iris asks a very legitimate question...what IS the best?

So on into next week with likely reprinting and retconning...and most likely Jim will look like he brought all his misery on himself while St. Elly comes off shining like a divine beacon...if only he had listened to the wisdom of St. Elly, Jim and Iris would be winning dancing contests and his band would still be together...

Tom Batiuk is left as the only cartoonist to score a kill on the comics page today...RIP Lisa Moore...
Tags: grandpa, iris martyred, stroke, stroke aftermath

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