Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat (alladinsane) wrote in binky_betsy,
Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat

Wednesday October 3rd...was nice knowing you Grandpa Jim...:(

well folks...she really gave us a curve ball on this one didnt she...

I'm without words on this one at present...I may update the entry later, but you're pretty much on your own for now...I just cant pull up any snark on this...

Just please tell me she didnt coordinate this with Batiuk...timing is awful damn good though...

Since Lynn has publicly declared no more deaths, I'm calling permanent veggie state...even worse than death, at least to me...

Guess she had to do like Batiuk and stick her middle finger at us too....

Wanna bet it'll be several weeks of Jim reprint and redone strips...especially ones showing that he brought this all on himself by being a smoker and that Elly was right to warn him back then, but he refused her advice?

EDIT: Wanna bet Iris calls Elly first and waits for her to arrive BEFORE calling EMTs or medical personnel?

(for those wondering how I posted this so fast, the strip was spoilered on r.a.c.s. earlier today...I just typed this entry up and didnt hit enter till Yahoo posted)
Tags: elly supermom, grandpa, smug elly, stroke, stroke aftermath, stroke prognosis

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