Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat (alladinsane) wrote in binky_betsy,
Fred Smoot's Viking Love Boat

Tuesday October 2nd

Hmmm....all new...but still more superteddy...

Panels 1&2: Merrie finally gets a mild scolding from Mommy and is told not to aim for people or breakables. Of course when Genius punished her severely for daring to disturb him, he only said it was wrong to hit HIM...hitting Mommy or breakables is funny and Daddy enjoys and encourages you to hit Mommy; but hitting Daddy MEANS HELLFIRE AND DAMNATION FOR BAD CHILDREN! Notice that only Merrie is getting the talking to while Crown Prince Poopie Pants is a mere spectator.

Panel 3: Here we go! Crown Prince Poopie Pants is showing that Patterson Sense of Entitlement!! Teddy now, later on the Pattermanse and Tiny Train House, all their contents, and all the land. Genius and Train Man have taught him well. Merrie of course has learned from Mommy and Elly that the proper role of a Patterson female is to lower her head and bend to the will of a Patterson male; that is until she marries her first ever love, then she becomes his property to do with as he wishes. Grandma Mira could show her how to think for herself and that a woman takes a backseat to no man, but Genus and Doormat dont want Mira interfering in their lives nor keep Merrie from being nailed to her wooden cross for her man and constantly complain about all the bleeding she's doing...just like Mommy and Elly.

Panel 4: Since Doormat only told Merrie not to throw Teddy but DID NOT tell Crown Prince Poopie Pants to stop throwing Teddy at people or breakables(plus since he's a Patterson male, he's free to disregard anything a woman tells him to do especially a Patterson woman). So it's a beeline to the door to hit a random walker out on the sidewalk.

Panel 5: YES!! And who comes up the walk but St. Elly!!...or is it Liz coming up the walk? I cant tell them apart anymore, so I dont know if it's Elly or Liz. At any rate, this is prob for this community the happiest panel we've seen in weeks. St. Elly or Obliviliz is fixing to get Superteddyed into some concrete!! Will it be concussion, compound fracture, or...dare we say it...multiple injuries? We better not speculate...we might jinx things up and Elly/Liz will escape unharmed.

Tonight we sleep, perchance to dream of broken Patterson bones on the morrow...too bad it's not His Divine Genius coming home from an evening of coffee with Weed....
Tags: crown prince poopie pants, doormat deanna, jonbenet 2.0, patterspawn, superteddy

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