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Tuesday, September 11

Oh merciful comic deities, thank you for giving us one day of relief from Mike's Floating Head of Mediocrity(tm).

Panel One: Okay, this one is creeping me out a bit. It rather looks like one of those caricatures of the cliche housefrau, depressed beyond hope's glimmering horizon. Either Elly has gone to sleep during the monotony of her Foobian existence, or she's holding lil' Lizzie under the water until the bubbles stop.

Panel Two: Nice 3-D lettering.

Panel Three: That teddy bear looks to be about as large as Mikey. Impressive that he was able to huck that sucker into the air so high. Perhaps he will grow up to be a football player, or a gymnast! What's that you say? Hackneyed writer?

Tangent of the day: I grew up an only child, isolated with my mom n' dad in Los Angeles - both sets of grandparents were many states away, so our household was very small and quiet. I lived vicariously through my friends for the "big family experience," such as Thanksgiving dinners, family picnics, screaming fights over toys... My point being, the early Foob strips really tap into that dynamic nicely (I've spent way too many hours perusing the official site's archives) and can often warm my heart.

I get an extra kick by pretending that Mike is currently drowning in Lake Superior, and these hybrid strips are actually his life flashing before his eyes.


Tags: classic strip, dickhead mike, foob history, superteddy, the hybrid, young mike

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