It's Comin' Apart, Lad (spotts1701) wrote in binky_betsy,
It's Comin' Apart, Lad

Friday, August 31

Panel 1: And...we're at the TTH.  And no wonder Elly couldn't go to the airport...she was making dinner.  Yep, it's a food strip everyone.  Brace yourselves.

Panel 2: Meatloaf?  Your daughter comes back after a month away and you pick the cheapest dish you could think of?  And butter tarts.  I can feel my arteries hardening from here.

Panel 3: Does anyone in this family eat like a normal human being?  April looks like she wants to cram that whole tart in her mouth in one bite.  Though I give half-credit to Elly for at least making an effort to accommodate April.

Panel 4: April, just smile and thank your mother.  It's safer that way.

Panel 5: Ouch...that's a real groaner.  And April looks like a hawk sizing up the rabbits down on the ground.
Tags: elly's food orgy, the martian creature

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