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Wednesday, May 25

Huzzah! Elly's Revenge is back up!


Hmm. Next morning, no fire. "Rats".

Panel 1: Who is s/he? Who's the idiot who told Mira about Merrie's arm? Get a clue, guys: if it's nothing to worry about, then it's nothing Mira needs to know about!

And from behind, I can barely tell Deanna from Mike. But I saw Robin's head peeping out from behind her shoulder. So it's Deanna: as noted earlier, Mike leaves all that cuddling stuff to his girlf^H^H^H^wife.

And how did Mira get into the apartment on her own? Does she have a key? Even if we're supposed to believe the Pattersons LET her have a key, after that "clash of the titans" last fall, how would she have a key to the unit they moved into just a couple days ago? Or do they leave their door unlocked all the time, the better to let Merrie have the run of the house and injure herself?*

And Deanna wears jailbird pajamas instead of a nightgown? Or have the new artists once again put the right head on the wrong body?

Panel 2: Gasp! And Mira brought a PRESENT! That horrible, horrible woman! And what's Robin doing? Reaching for the package? Wanting to shake hands? Or just pleading to be taken away from this crazy family?

Panel 3: Again with the Texas cheerleader hair.

Panel 4: ETA: What's up with Dee's face? She suddenly looks like a mongoloid.

So of course, it doesn't occur to Merrie to be upset until Mira freaks out. Well, okay, I can understand that. But if it's so inevitable, just don't tell her anything until the cast comes off. Now, Elly might also have come to visit (it's not like she has a business to run or anything) but of course, all she'd have to do would be scoop Merrie up in her arms and mend the fractured bone with her magical healing powers.

And I am saying "of course" a lot, am I not? Gee, you'd think this strip was predictable!

*It is just barely possible that the same key works for both apartment doors. The first place I lived on my own, I once put my key in the door of an apartment one floor below mine...and it worked. OMG, was I embarrassed! Luckily they weren't in.
Tags: evil mira, merrie's broken arm, patterspawn

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