It's Comin' Apart, Lad (spotts1701) wrote in binky_betsy,
It's Comin' Apart, Lad

Monday, August 27

Round 2 for time, I'll just knock myself over the head with a frying pan.  Same effect.

Panel 1: April At The Farm, just after we did a Sunday strip where she was at her mother's birthday party.  Seriously, is nobody in FOOBville watching the continuity of Sundays to Weekly?  This is the third week in a row something happened in the Sunday strip that was then immediately contradicted on Monday.

Panel 2: Another long shot.  Saves from whatever Lynnion is on art duty today from botching faces.

Panel 3: I thought April already felt a connection with that horse last summer?  So why are we getting a rehash of it?

Panel 4: Huh?  Okay, I'm not sure what the joke is here.
Tags: farm, the martian creature

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