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Sunday, August 26

First of all, o people, it's been a pleasure serving with you this week, and I'm glad we all suffered together. Thank you. <3

Now, on to the foob.

Panel one: Mike and Dee! I believe. Also, a lingerie store and a cake store. Interesting juxtaposition. (it's to clothe the girls who jump out of them...!) Dee looks depressed.

Panel two: Blah blah gas-guzzling van. /editorial

Panel three: Oo, cake! Dee is sent to the back. Everybody likes the cake, and Mike looks insanely surprised and pleased. Dude, you ordered the thing, didn't you know what it looked like before you left the store?

Panel four: Old jokes. Yawn. Liz is so thoughtful. Elly is oogly and horrified. Me, too, Elly, me too.

Panel five: Mike has an IDEA. Oooo.

Panel six: Mmkay, what?

Panel seven: ...!! Hey! The cake! Did he just plonk a glass in the cake?

Panel eight: And made a hole in it. I think I see where this is going, sadly. Also, it appears to have pink filling. Eww.

Panel nine: I was right! Candle in the hole.

...This strip was actually pretty inoffencive and halfway-decent. I might have laughed if I didn't hate all the characters by now. XD

See y'all!
Tags: grotesque elly

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Recent Posts from This Community