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Saturday, August 25

Panel one: GOOD QUESTION, CANDACE. And oh, man, poor Therese. If Liz is right, that's pretty terrible; that she thought she could make everything work by having the baby and fitting the fifties lifestyle. It strikes me as a nasty thing to happen to someone who wants to be an independent, career-oriented woman: pressured into having a baby and keeping her husband happy. Augh. I mean, some people would be happy with that, with staying at home with a baby and taking care of it. I would. But clearly this woman wouldn't, so WHY DID HE DO THIS TO HER? Rarr.

Panel two: AUGH. LOOK AT HER. *flails* Post-partum depression is nothing to be taken lightly. I can't believe Anthony is just standing there looking at her with google-eyed bemusement while she cries in the middle of the room. Oh, what is wrong with this man? And then she "went back to work and left him with the baby"? Well, HE'S THE ONE WHO WANTED IT. And she was probably trying to cope. I mean, if these were real people, I'd say that Therese is the most rounded. She's not wholly good and not wholly bad, she's a person, and she ended up with a baby she didn't want and a depression that I'm willing to bet nobody addressed or encouraged her to cope with. CRIPES. THESE PEOPLE.

Panel three: And--the body language in this is actually pretty decent. Again: poor Therese. Obviously an affair isn't a good thing, but it was probably an escape from having to come home and deal with The Moustache. >_> But we're supposed to think that she's evil because she really did the unacceptable.

Panel four: Why does an affair create debt? What implication do we have that there should be debt? If she was becoming a workaholic, shouldn't there have been a dearth of debt? Also, since she was the sole breadwinner for the family (wasn't she?), I think she should be getting more credit for this. Boo. And oh, saint Liz. "He's just beginning to trust again". He's not the one who should have trust issues, my lord!

Edit: Aparently Anthony was working, too. Then why was there debt? What did it come from? I am not buying this, Ms. Johnston.

Panel five: ...


Someone needs to kill this woman with a tape dispenser. OH. MY. LORD. MELTING FACE.

This is just the week of creepy weird faces, isn't it? WHY ME?

Tags: candace, evil therese, granthony, granthony the innocent victim, inconsiderate asshats, lips o' loveliness, liz, lizthony, lovepocalypse, saint granthony, saint liz, the great granthony, the lovepocalypse

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