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Thursday, August 23

Heeeeeeeere we go again! Many thanks to the lovely, lovely erinpuff for filling in yesterday. <333

Panel one: Mmkay, nothing that outrageous, except that I think Liz didn't just rely on The Delicate Genius for updates. Also, good, she washes her dishes. I approve.

Panel two: OH GOOD GOD. There was nothing outrageous in the first panel because they were preparing us for this flashbacked and magnificent ridiculosity. OH MY LORD. Note to Lynnions: He looks like a FOOL. JIMINY CRICKETS.

Panel three: Blah blah blah Therese is evil. Maybe she's just looking out for him. I mean, notice her cute face of non-critical. Maybe she's just trying to be helpful, albeit in a totally failing way. --Maybe he DOES look like a child without his pornstache. Lordy! Also, he dresses awfully. Therese is right there.

Panel four: ...Ms. Johnston wants me to hate Candace, doesn't she. Rebellious!Candace. I am... not entertained, for some reason. I can't think why this annoys me so much, but it just seems fairly stereotypical and random.

Panel five: Well, at least it's not all about Liz. On the other hand, can I say that that Sally Forth-esque "sly look" wears bad on Miss Patterson? Bad, bad, bad. Erk.

Maybe I don't like this because those last two panels didn't have anything about Liz to get irritated over. :D

Also! Shout-out for us to-day in Family Circus, or so I would assume from the fact that they stopped at a "roadside" diner. Wooo!
Tags: ambition is bad, candace, evil therese, granthony, granthony the amazing, granthony the innocent victim, liz, lizthony, lovepocalypse, saint granthony, the great granthony, the lovepocalypse

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