Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, May 24

Gratuitous "quotes": Panel 3.

Unnecessary motion lines: Panel 4.

Panel 1: What is it with Lynn and spittle? And for that matter, why is Robin's mouth on one side of Deanna's arm, while the droplet is on the other side? Not even a year old, and this kid's spitting for distance!

Panel 2: And what's going on here? Did Robin suddenly decrease in size, so that he disappears inside a blanket? Or is he leaning down towards the floor?

And Mike looks awfully excited at the prospects of the Seaweeds getting evicted. Like it'll be fun for him, to see his enemy smited.

Panel 3: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Lynn, I'm begging you, no more closeups of Lovey!

Panel 4: And as I said above, we don't need the motion lines to know that Mike is putting his chin in his hands.


Okay. So we've established that the lease forbids smoking. But what I wonder is, is there a clause about tenants leaving stuff in common areas? Or does Lovey give a Patterson Dispensation?

And I really don't know about these things, so I'm asking: With whom does Lovey have to document infractions and warnings? Homeowner's Association? Or is it just CYA so the Seaweeds can't sue her? At any rate, this is another FOOB mindset I despise: something's difficult, so you shouldn't even try. And of course, Mike's resigned to this as well. Tick...tick...tick...


On another note, I saw today's Boondocks, and I honestly can't say if McGruder is sending up Lynn's fake slang, or just hip-hop slang. I'm leaning more towards FOOB being so far below his radar that he doesn't even know about the gig/roadside/foob silliness. Still, check out today's strip: it's a hoot no matter who it's aimed at.
Tags: did you know lovey is jewish?, kelpfroths, kelpfroths smoking, pattersons against the world

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