Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

My last night

Panel one: Holy Robin, Batman! Patterson Posterior Ahoy!

Panel two: Click, click, click...Hey Dee! Know that $25,000 advance? Why don't you use it to buy a touch activated machine?

Panel three: Boring.

Panel four: Broken machine (Just be grateful it's not spewing water on the floor, like a dishwater would. I hate that.).

Panel five: Mike practices his telekineses by staring at the machine and commanding it to fix, which aggravates Dee. Robin latches onto Mike's leg, unaware how long it'll be until he sees Attic Man again.

Panel six: You mean the sales associate at Sears? Why not call, I dunno, a repairman? Hah! What a crazy idea! They'd charge you, and no one should charge a Patterson!

Panel seven: Doy. Just 'cause you haven't been to service since Easter...

Panel eight: Yesss? Hasss Dee turned into a ssslippery sssnake?

Panel nine: Why not wait until tomorrow? You and the She-Beast Elly can do your laundry by hand, just like in the good ol' days.

Panel nine: Mike's a genius! We know, we've been told a million times!

Panel ten: Moron. I can understand, you bent down to plug it in, somebody started rumbaing on your bladder, and while you were relieving yourself, you were struck with inspiration and ran to write it down. I can see that happening. But you're a moron anyway, machine or no.

Panel eleven: Har, har.

Not bad, I guess (Reluctantly.). Reminiscent of the old strips, but with Mike and Doormat's history, the mere sight of those two makes me want to throw something.

Well my turn is over, and someone else is coming. I think Punch and Judy (Cowboy Bebop) say it best:

PUNCH: See you next time!

JUDY: Good luck!!
Tags: crown prince poopie pants, men r dum, mike an' dee together, technoignorance

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