Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tick tap tickity tap

Please please please PLEASE let this be Shannon's farewell strip! Pretty please with chocolate syrup and maple syrup and cough syrup and any syrup you want, as long as you just let her go!

Panel one: Telethon made forty-five thousand bucks for kids with special needs. Great. What the heck does that mean, Miss Vague?!

Panel two: Whoa, no chin! This letter sounds like a Christmas thank you note written by a first grader.

Panel three: Shannon had a cleft palate. That doesn't explain why a Taiwanese fetus knows better English than she does (Then again, my best friend of ten years still spells like a three year old, and she doesn't have any mental handicaps that I know of.).

Panel four: Know, I don't now why.

Panel five: If I ever need a fiend, I'll call Lynn. And I hate the way April's staring at the screen all bright eyed, like she just read the greatest thing in the world.

That's it (Don't hurt me Stephanie!).
Tags: glurge, saint april, saint...shan...non, shan...non, tel...e...thon

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