Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

And we'reeee here...

We're finally at the new house! And nothing's falling on it!

Panel one: Again with the car! Lazy, lazy, lazy! Ape's says she used to the house. Of course, she'd be spoiled if she wasn't.

Panel two: Silhouette. And here comes the brainwashing. "Oh golly gee, Dad! I've got it so swell compared to other kids! I've got a bed and a roof! And that's all I'll ever need until I marry some dullard like my neato sister! Let's break out the Pat Boone album and the Ovaltine to celebrate!"

Panel three: Who says "Squares" instead of "Square Meals?" I'll tell you who, some writer trying to fit a pun into a contrived joke.

Panel four: Ok, it took me three times to get this. I thought she was saying his belly was square. Hey April: People who say "square" are, so don't throw stones.

Panel five: I know, it's supposed to be cute, but it looks mean. If he's hitting her hard enough to knock off his glasses, then it's time to call in Social Services. And what's that fuzzy thing over her head?
Tags: the housening, the martian creature, train man

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