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August letters

Here we go, the letters before the last letters.

Elly: Blah, house, yada yada...
We do, of course, want to get April's basement apartment all set up for her.
So what, is she staying at the old house or are you stuffing her in the basement at TTH too? Make up your mind woman!
There's a possibility that we could use it as income property when she's moved out of the house, and that works out well for all of us, including any potential future tenants
You're just counting down the days 'til you can kick her out the door, aren't you? Shame on you!
I am tempted to look for a large, cast-iron clawfoot bathtub for downstairs...If you hook a modern showerhead up as well, you've got the best of both worlds. I'd just be at April's mercy - she'd have to let me use it once in a while!
The hell?
The rest of it is just Harry Potter parties, Elly's going to miss spying on the people across the street, and blargh...

John: Well, it's August. Isn't that a deep thought?
Uh, no. No, it's not. You wouldn't know a deep thought if it kicked you in the rump.
It seems Everett will FINALLY be buying John's practice in the fall. Goodnight, how long have we been waiting for this? Almost as long as the Lizthony arc, but not as frustrating.
Let's see, John's amazed at all the pretty colors of the cars he sees. John is looking forward to reading a book about South America. John flosses instead of using Listerine...Somebody stop this man. He's just so wild and rebellious he makes Maryiln Manson look like Kermit the Frog(Sarcasm by the way.).

Liz: Wedding was good. Shawna-Maria is good.
Apparently Mason, the best man, has a bit of a medical problem - he's on some medication that impairs his liver function and so the few glasses of wine he had at the reception hit him harder than he'd expected.
That's great! Isn't that great everybody, that Lynn didn't assassinate Mason's character like she did Eric/Paul/Warren? He just fell asleep! Too bad people who don't read the letters won't know it, Lynn!
And finally after forever, Liz brings up He-Who-Alone-Is-Worthy-Of-The-Golden-Vagina.
I don't want to rush into anything. I haven't had a stellar record for making good choices in men, and Anthony is still recovering from a painful divorce. So the brakes are on, I'm going slowly, and we're both hoping for the best.
Oh you've had great choices in men. Too bad the Hand from Above twists them all to be evil cheaters just so you can marry Anthony. Hmmm, a handsome mountie vs. a guy with the personality of water-and-flour paste. I know I would have a tough time with that choice.

April: The only thing I'm really interested in here is that Jelly is painting her new room for her. That's the least they can do after they gave your room away.
I can't find my riding boots since we moved, and I'm going to need them. Wouldn't it be funny if Mom or Dad accidentally sold them at the yard sale? Ha. New boots for me!
Yeah keep dreaming, Chicky Poo. They'd make you pay for them yourself, like your furniture. You know, the stuff they gave to Merrie. Because she needs it more despite the fact she has two working parents with substantial income.

Mike: WE GET IT ALREADY!!! You're living in the same house as your parents. Criminy. And your writing makes me want to tear out my hair or barf or both. I won't subject the innocents on this board to your syrupy dribble.

Deanna: Just basic stuff about the new house and the kids. I echo Cookie when I say Dee should have been the writer.

Jim and Iris: Iris visited her daughter and she's doing crafts. No word on whether anybody besides April has bothered to visit them. For April's kindness, she's getting a purple guitar strap. I say Ape should move in with the Olds; they seem to appreciate each other more.

The pets: You're kidding, right?

That's it. Cookie, I don't know how you do this once a month.
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