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And Thank gods it's Sunday! It's been a fun week and you were a great audience but oh man it's been draining. Cookie, I don't know how you've done it for so long but I can see why you needed the break.

Panel one: Awww, geeze it's a train strip! Wow, he's got them all over the yard too. You'd think after being vandalized once he'd be more careful but I guess not. I also really wish someone would tell him how dopey he looks in the train outfit. A grown man dressing up to play conductor is not cute it's creepy.

Panel two: I don't see a point to this panel. Is his head itchy? Really they could have saved the space.

Panel three: Does John honestly belive April is going to be intersted in his trains? Has she shown any interest before? However, I like the video game she's playing. It looks like a Japanese puzzle game of some sort. It's also nice to see her playing a video game that isn't a mindlessly violent cliche.
It looks as if someone has been paying attention to the game market.

Panel four: John, FYI if she doesn't care to see the layout she certainly isn't going to care about how your workshop is laid out. I like how April looks in the panel, she looks like old 15 year old April. She looks cute, not quite childish but definatly not an adult yet either. I miss this April.

Panel five: Oh good lord, you're asking Mike? Mr. I'm too busy to parent my own kids much less spend time with my wife?

Panel six: "And the cat's in the cradle and the silve spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon." Though if Elly were the one asking, Mike would over here faster the LJ lawyers on a paraody strip.

Panel seven: Now he's asking Steve? He's really desprate. We havn't seen Steve since Connie and Ellys 50th birthday bash.

Panel 8: More rejection. Looks like he's been flipping though that address book for quite a while. Who is Dave, btw? have we ever seen him?

Panal nine: Elly's looking really dumpy here, but not in a bad way. She actually looks normal for a middle aged person. John, you're acting like a four year old.

Panel ten: And the payoff! Awww poor little Jonny has no one to play with!
Geeze, Elly and John are looking like identical twins these days. Someone get make a character sheet or a template or something!

Over all I don't hate the strip. Maybe a week of tele-thon and acid eighties Becky has numbed me. I like how April isn't made out to be the dumb teenager like in the garage sale strip or completely whiny and fugly like in the strip where teacher Liz tries to show her how to break down her homework. But I never, personally understood the need for people to share their hobbies with people who really don't enjoy said hobby. Maybe I'm just too introverted but If i were John I'd just enjoy spending the time playing with the trains and making up little stories to go with them. I also hate how he doesn't even think to ask the one person who seems to have some time free, Elly! Back in the "olden days" when the strip was decent, Elly and John actually liked spending time together. Sometimes one might get the impression they were actually friends as well as spouses. Ahh, well. I'm signing off. Good luck to whoever is following me.
Tags: train man

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