Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, May 22

Motion lines: I wouldn't say the swish marks around Edgar are unnecessary, since the implication is that he's moving pretty fast. However, what the heck is John doing in panel 3---forging Excalibur?

Sound f/x: Okay, we get it: he's digging.

Overall, Eddy seems almost humanoid in this strip. Conversely, the last panel is further confirmation that Elly thinks of John as another pet.


There's discussion of the Seaweeds over on r.a.c.s., and some people are talking about the necessity of keeping strollers and trikes on the ground level, because it's a huge ordeal to carry them up and down.

Now that I can understand! And here's a really far-out concept: maybe the Seaweeds would understand it too, if the Pattersons TOLD them that? But as far as we know, neither Mike nor Dee ever stated such a case to their neighbors, or to Lovey. They just got grossly offended, and literally drew the line. So who can blame the Seaweeds for feeling wronged, when the Pattersons have not taken the stance of "We HAVE to keep our stuff downstairs; please work with us," but rather "We WANT to and you can't stop us!"?
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