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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks everyone for all the compliments and show of support this week. I joke about the pain, but I am honestly having fun with it.

Oh, and about the icon: I havne't found the artist yet, although I did look up Jay Anacleto (sp?) and it does look like it COULD be his. Since I'm now curious, let's just say that I created this piece of art. That way, the true artist will appear on here to call me out, and the mystery is solved!

As usual, the thread is open and I will be back soon.

ETA: Another exciting chapter in the Housening serial begins!!

PANEL 1: The hall closet is open (although, I guess NOT the one where Robin found the tack. Because, how could he have gotten back there? Is this downstairs?). As is his usual pose, Robin stands there with his fingers in his mouth (probably placing bits of glass in there). Great close-up on Deanna, who prefers to clean with her eyes closed. Is she doing this so she'll be able to know the layout of the room even if it's, say, clogged by smoke? Is she combining naptime with vaccuuming? How can she hear Meredith over the vaccuum?

PANEL 2: Robin also now has echolalia on top of everything else we've diagnosed him with. However, he puts his own spin on it by mispronouncing "photographs." By the break-up of the word, I assume he's chanting it. Robin is a strange little boy.

No, how DOES she hear them? I can't hear someone next to me if I'm vaccuuming. I need me one of them there quiet type ones. Unless...the clenaing is a ruse to not have to spend time with them, and in her giddiness over the clever-clever of the plan, she forgot to PLUG IT IN? OH Dee...the buzzing in your head is from the anti-depressant and wine mixture. The best-laid plan, m'dear.

PANEL 3: "We'll look at them after I've finished my work, okay? We'll look at them later!" This sentence bugs me. It's very first grade play. You know, "I am an apple! I am healthy! I am a fruit!" And I'd say, well that makes sense since they are young children, but...I don't know. Maybe it's the exclamation point, or the fact that, in the time it takes her to say this, as opposed to: "After I'm done. Just wait a minute, okay?" or "Com e help Mommy and then we can all look at them," Robin and Meredith have gotten bored, wandered off, and found a rolling chair somewhere to push it down the hall as they hover a few inches off the ground. Now, we KNOW it's to use as a sort of ladder, but for a brief moment, I pretend they're playing Ambulance, and Robin is emitting his usual onomotopaeic sounds. This also works with the chair ladder, as they could be pretending to "rescue" the albums. Wow, imagination is AWESOME!

PANEL 4: Deanna is picking up a shirt, or dusting the floor. Or something. Is that the bed? How very strange it looks.

And we hear the crash.

PANEL 5: You'll look at the abums now? Uh...Dee, your kids just brought an entire shelf of big, heavy assed books on them. Actually, Robin looks like they fell all around him. Perhaps he has some kind of force field around him that keeps him safe from his sister trying to kill him.

Seriously, though. Uh-uh. Meredith needs those jagged lines to denote screeching, and. even if Robin hadn't been hit, the sheer surprise of it would probably have him crying too, out of fright.

Yeah I don't know. I'd probably enjoy this more if it didn't seem like Dee was constantly some sort of flake.

As for "Where's Michael?" I would like to point out that he probably couldn't hear any of this over the insulation of the attic.
Tags: doormat deanna, fo-graffs, patterspawn

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