It's Comin' Apart, Lad (spotts1701) wrote in binky_betsy,
It's Comin' Apart, Lad

Saturday, July 7

Panel 1: Mason is shown as a lush (and thus unworthy of the Golden Vagina), but why does he still have a glass of wine in his hand?  Shouldn't the bride or the groom have told the bartender to 86 him?  I do like the fact that he had to be reminded that he was Liz's escort/keeper for the evening...

Panel 2: So Mason stumbles over to the long-winded guy we met on Monday and Tuesday.  He gives them the old "They went that-a-way" routine.

Panel 3: S-M, actually using her brain (Lynn must be slipping for that to happen), asks Julia the Wingperson.  And boy, I wish they were lost.  That way we might have been spared all of this.

Panel 4: Where the hell did all those bushes come from?  Yesterday's strip showed a clear line of sight from the tent to the Oblivious Couple.  Now it's like all this plant life sprung up just so no one could see them.
And as for the dialog - how can you lose something that you never had in the first place?  Liz never seemed to actually love Anthony - he was her "safety net".  As soon as the next good-looking guy came sniffing around, Anthony got kicked to the curb.
Tags: granthony, julia, lizthony, lovepocalypse, mason, wedding

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