It's Comin' Apart, Lad (spotts1701) wrote in binky_betsy,
It's Comin' Apart, Lad

Monday, July 2

Spotts1701 here again, filling in this week for cookie while she takes a well-earned holiday.  I just hope I can do a half-decent job at this...

"An"'s: Two

Panel 1: Okay, I guess we're supposed to assume that the wedding and Shan...non's speech were happening at about the same time.  I can roll with that.  Looks like we got there just in time for the toasts.  And again, we are denied the groom's name.  Typical.

ETA: Apparently his name is "Brian" according to the big heart in Panel 2 (h/t to all those who pointed it out).  Still would have been nice for someone to say it.

Panel 2: Did we really have to have two panels of this?  It's the same boring speech that every friend makes at every wedding everywhere...

Panel 3: Father of the bride time.  Nothing too bad here...

Panel 4: Hey Liz?  If he's holding his head like that, you might want to ask him if he's okay, instead of prodding him to get up and talk.

Panel 5: Wow, Mason aged about 20 years from Panel 4 to Panel 5.  I'm thinking he's sloshed to the gills.  I would be too, if I had to put up with Liz.
Tags: mason, obliviliz, wedding

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