Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, June 25

Panel 1: Is it not sad that it's more surprising that this storyline is continuing, than it would be if they'd cut to the Housening?

Jack's banging on the window. Okay, we're officially in an '80s teen movie, where students routinely carried on as if there were no adults in the building. No way security would not have shut this down at my school. They wouldn't have known that Shannon was about to give her Norma Rae speech; they'd just see a kid standing on a table and another one banging a window.

This long shot of the caf is not quite what I expected. It always seems much more crowded in medium shots, does it not? ETA: Okay, he's banging on the table, not the window. But that's scary, too. The sweep of his arm, and the implication that he pounded four times, gives the impression of someone who does not know his own strength, nor have a governor on his behavior. Someone who should have an aide, IOW.

Panel 2: "Who's Shannon Lake?" "Shut up, gig!" "April, is that your winkie friend?" But of course, April has to get into the act and be Shannon's MC, as if everyone's not already looking.

Panel 3: Well, okay, that's pretty much to the point.

Panel 4: A chance for what, I'm not sure. Still, this is not as preachy as I dreaded. I'm glad it's not some "We're actually better than you because we're pure and innocent" anvil. Now let's see the reaction.
Tags: glurge, saint april, saint...shan...non, shan...non

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