Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, June 17

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: The way they draw Merrie really creeps me out. She looks, and is posed, like Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls. She even has the suggestion of breasts. Does no one in this strip have an appearance appropriate to their age and gender?

Panel 2: This is actually a classic "dad" shot: unshaven and snoring. Michealagh appears to be sleeping alone. Or is he? The "snozzzz" might be coming from behind his head, and there seems to be an extra, womanly, hip and thigh under those covers.

Panel 3: Guess he is alone. And for crissakes, we went through this two years ago, and it wasn't funny then either. Honestly, are there kids who go into their parents' bedrooms unannounced? The only times, when I was that age, that I barged in on my parents was when there was an emergency, like when there was a bee in my room.

Panel 4: Okay, there's Deanna. Of course she has to appear so she can manage this crisis. And what horrible brats the Patterspawn are, wanting to spend time with dad.

Panel 5: I can see how impressed he is. Is he hung over? Have we ever discussed the possiblity of Mike being Jack Torrance, with a flask in his desk drawer?

Panel 6: Well, I'll give him credit for making breakfast, though I don't know why he has to lift the skillet like that. The dogs are barking, and Robin is...playing in the pet food? Isn't he a bit old for that? Anyway, Mike, this is domestic life. Deal with it.

Panel 7: I shouldn't even have to say it. ETA: Oh wait -- it looks like Robin has had an accident in his pants. See the wavy lines?

Panel 8: Of course Mike can't get away fast enough. But I don't imagine the Patterspawn would believe a "yes" from him anyway.

Panel 9: Celebrating, eh? I don't blame John for thinking 911 should be called.

Panel 10: Uh...okay. Not sure what this means. John should be happy because none of his kids are toddlers? He should be proud because his own son reproduced?

Mike sucks, that's all.
Tags: dickhead mike, doormat deanna, mike has kids?, patterspawn, the delicate genius

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