Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, June 7

First of all, I am a foob for not acknowledging the anniversary of D-Day yesterday. So thank you Jim, and everyone else in the category of "All gave some -- some gave all."

Panel 1: Ooh, the rehearsal! I would say that I wonder if Liz is going to lock eyes with her assigned groomsman and forget the Pornstache, but who needs another unresolved plot development. Also, I don't get the ellipses at the beginnings of sentences. We don't need to know the EXACT cadence of each speaker.

Panel 2: Minister. Okay, so we know Shawna-Marie is not marrying an Evil French Canadian. Liz is apparently the lowest-ranking bridesmaid (MOH comes last, just before the bride). But she'll be first in the procession.

Panel 3: Okay, that is NOT Shawna-Marie. S-M was not that dark and did not have an Afro. And if her mom is supposed to be seen as a controlling, Mira-like dictator, I don't see it. If you're going to have a formal ceremony at all, there has to be a plan and someone has to be in charge. A non-Patterson can't blink in this strip without being criticized.

Panel 4: Oh for heaven's sake. Could this not have been brought up before?

Panel 5: Oh, ha ha ha. This is another joke that's left over from the 1970s. IRL, someone the appropriate age to be Shawna-Marie's parent would have plenty of experience with personalized vows, "non-traditional" wedding marches, and other detours from tradition. Lynn, if you're out of ideas, give it up.
Tags: wedding

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