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Tuesday, June 5

Sorry I'm late!

Panel 1: Now comes the true test. If what Candace is getting at is, "You don't have a DATE?! Wow, your life is in SHAMBLES!" then Lynn is going to lost another few thousand readers. She can't have placed the Patterson Brainsucker on Candace. Except she can.

Panel 2: Well! Liz wants to be useful! Except...isn't a bridesmaid supposed to be useful BEFORE the wedding? Keeping tabs on the shower gifts, arranging rides for people to the ceremony...pre-event stuff like that. Many Bridezillas stories hinge on the bride and MOB asking way too much of bridesmaids on The Day, above and beyond the necessary stand-there-and-don't-outshine-the-bride duties. So Liz wants to be helpful AFTER the window of opportunity has closed. Typical. ETA: And as others have pointed out, ALL the attendants are there to "be useful". Suppose Liz had had a date? Would she then have sloughed off all her bridesmaid duties?

And Candace says "Mmm." Does that mean, "Yeah right: you'll be miserable without a man?" And if so, does she mean that's reasonable, or that Liz should pull her head out of her ass and stop pining?

Panel 3: Cripes. I know Liz just moved in, but shouldn't she be past the junk-food stage? And gee, foreshadowing. I can picture a real slapstick wedding, with the tent falling down, the cake smashed, the groom smashed, and who knows what all.

Panel 4: And that's the cue for Candace to pass judgment. You know, there was a time when she was sort of irritating. But that's before the Pattersons were MORE irritating, and we started longing for someone to tell them what's what.

Panel 5: Okay, she is being the voice of reason. Thank heavens. Still, I'm not sure what this is all about. The timing is bad, as usual. We don't WANT to hear social commentary about The North American Way of Weddings. We want to get the Lovepocalypse over with.
Tags: candace, liz is a slob, spinster liz

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