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Saturday, June 2

"Quotes": One.

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: "I dunno." April, you really disappoint me. This is not "Pizza or Chinese?" You have to have some idea what you want.

Panel 2: Okay, that's a good answer. I would hate to think the whole band was predicated on Apes and Ger's couplehood. And gosh, is someone placing April is a position of authority?

Panel 3: Oh, that's gonna be famous last words. And that's a big-ass table for a HS cafeteria.

Panel 4: Yep, here we go.

Panel 5: Luis, get bent. Go back to your refugee shack and eat your ground-up newspaper, or whatever makes you so righteous. ETA: I'm referencing this strip: Luis is part of the Smack Down The Martian crew.


I think IRL, April would be a suicide risk. NO. NOT BECAUSE HER PARENTS ARE MAKING HER MOVE. For numerous reasons, of which the move is just the latest and the best illustration of how her family feels about her.

We've discussed her fear of abandonment, her fear of change, the guilt she would feel about Farley, and her "afterthought" status in the household. Add to that the current situation of her family demanding more and more sacrifice and labor from her, while never speaking of her as anything but a burden. Then add her disaffect, with no real friends or caring family members (besides Jim...) to stop it from taking root. THEN add being moved around like a piece of furniture. ("April, we're not sure about.") Then add Dee asking her to relive her near-death experience. That could very well lead her to the conclusion, "I should have died instead of Farley."

ETA: That may sound melodramatic. But bear in mind that I am talking about a sixteen-year-old here. I'm tired of April being taken to task for not being fully mature. She's acting her age. That's another big issue with oops babies: the expectation that they should just get on board with the rest of the chronologically-adult family, instead of going through stages of development at a normal rate.
Tags: 4-evah and eva, eva, musical april, the continental, the martian creature

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