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June retcons

I had predictions: let's see how I did. Presumably we'll hear from someone, even if it's not Liz, about the state of Liz's romantic life. Yes, but only Liz and a little bit from John. Very intriguing letter from Liz, though. We won't hear shit about Jim, probably, except in Iris's letter. April, of course, and a bit in the pets' letter. April's letter will probably skip to a resolution of the "one-night stand" arc, while the arc will be abandoned and picked up again for a totally different resolution. No resolution yet; she's just going to stay with a guy she doesn't like, who doesn't like her. And Mike and Deanna will have completely opposite views on the Housening. Eh, they weren't too opposed.

Okay, let's see how far off I was!

Elly: Oh, of course the Almighty Goldensprog not only took the tree apart, with a chainsaw, still has all his fingers, but also converted it into firewood. A fireplace in the basement? And you want to avenge yourself on a tree. Even trees are the enemy.

And no duh it's easier to paint before you bring in the furniture! This guy is either a moron, or having a great laugh at your expense. Probably the latter. And I see where this is going. You're going to "eventually" build Barbie's Dream Basement for April. That day will never come, but April will still be an ungrateful princess if she squawks. Where is she going to sleep until then, I wonder? I assume the basement is at least up to code.

Trains and gardening. Can you say "conflict of interest"? And why should Mike and Deanna be "accomodating"? They owe you a lot; you're in no danger of "abusing" "priveleges".

John: I overcame my pack rat ways and took some items to the dump. I enjoy going there anyway - people throw out the most useful things!

Heh...We were just saying that John might bring April to the dump for her new furniture.

April is growing accustomed to the idea of moving.

April is probably stunned into silence, now that she knows she has power over trees. Anyway, oblique mention of the Becky crisis, another promise to leave the basement in even further disarray while you "work" on it finish the basement for April, and he can't stay on topic any longer trains trains trains April who. At least she gets to keep her furniture.

And he doesn't know much about Liz's social life. I'm glad that stops him from giving an opinion. And it's Everett again.

Liz: Of all the places you could "stay put": a crappy basement bed-sit. And I had no idea teaching in the South was different from Mtig.

Some parents simply don't parent, and I have to wonder how their children will cope in the "real world" when they have to get along with others. I talk to a few college professors who've said that these young people are nightmares to deal with when they become adults. They have attitudes of entitlement and think they deserve to pass without putting in any effort.

I'm glad I already emptied my bladder.

And Asperger's is the Affliction of the Month! No offense to anyone who has or knows someone with Asperger's; I just feel bad for you that Lynn has chosen to misrepresent your condition this time around. I hope to heck she never "does" epilepsy. Anyway, I love this:

She tended to use her brain instead of her emotions when she analyzed a situation,

Poor phrasing. Makes it sound like the problem is using the brain at all and not using emotion exclusively. I'm sure that's not what she means, of course, but it sounds hilarious coming from such a drama queen. Thinking instead of letting emotions take over! Fancy that!

Although I have to say that, apart from falling back on the hook from a Beatles song (because you know she'd never grasp the concept of "The love you take/Is equal to the love you make," especially as it applies to her), that next paragraph is quite insightful.

And now we get to hear about Granthony! Has the wedding already happened? ::checks:: OMG.

Two summers ago, he asked me to wait for him. I guess I have been waiting. However, I gave him a noncommittal answer and went back to Mtig.

Whoa. Now we know. And of course you gave a "noncommittal" answer. But what do you mean by:

At the time, I believe I'd discovered what love was, but I was wrong.

I'll overlook the poor grammar. When was this time? What did you think love was? With who? You hadn't met Paul at the time of the going-after. How were you wrong?

And you're seriously thinking about Granthony. And now that you think it'll never will. So let's get on with it, huh?

April: More time doing schoolwork (at Eva's, perhaps? I don't know how you can get anything done if your brother's brats won't stay out of your room) and less time talking to Gerald (wonder why?). Hm.

Again, it'll be "eventually." And if this was a plan, it worked: she's not thinking of her parents' house as an option after HS. And no, you're not "a kid inside" for wanting people to pay frakking attention to you. You're human.

More vet stuff. More babysitting. Some grumbling. And a casual mention that she won't "get in trouble" with the Patterspawn around. Why "hot?!???" about Duncan going to Barbados? It'll be hot there? Or you think he'll be hot in beachwear? And the usual wishy-washy talk about the Continental. Honey, you don't even like him any more, and I don't blame you. Hang it up.

And more reassurances that These Kids Today are just as bad as the Yahoovians think they are. Except they're nice to special-needs kids. However, I do believe April is the first person to mention Jim.

Mike: Yeah, we get it: you and Deanna will be the torchbearers. And he thinks the basement will be company living space?!

Packing, sorting, nostalgia. I'm skimming this, but the style doesn't seem as pretentious as usual. And why, if you're already calling this event the parental exodus, do you have to create another name for it? And when "they" name hurricanes, they give them a person's name. And you sound like the sulky brat that you are. I don't know how you're going to weather this hardship. Don't frakking talk about tension and chaos. There wouldn't BE tension and chaos if your entitled ass hadn't stayed in this house for five frakking months.

Deanna escapes with John each morning. Their complaints about having to work as all this is going on fall on deaf ears.

I don't get it. Are they just pretending they hate to leave? Or is it just that everything Deanna says falls on deaf ears? And he's grateful for the good weather? He's all over the map here.

Okay, this I'm going to have to break down.

Deanna and I will keep the rabbit.

April can't even keep her damned rabbit.

My grandfather built a substantial hutch for Mr. B, April's first bunny, in the rec room downstairs and one outside. The kids love her and give her a lot more attention than April does.

That's because they have a lot more free time! Don't you make it sound like April lets her starve or something!

April spends as little time at home as possible.

I can't say I blame her.

I worry about her. This move is affecting her more than anyone else. She rarely complains but I know she's crying inside. As much as she loves us and the kids, she hates to give up her room, her space, her home.

And? You've given her a chance to talk about it, right? Perhaps taken her out to lunch or for a long walk? Thanked her for the use of her bedroom? Told her you're proud of her (just make something up)? Told her how glad you are that you're related? Called her by her name instead of "Baby Sis"?

And yes, your mom's going to get bent out of shape if you change anything. And of course your dad's creaming himself over his trains. And since when has your mom been keeping photo files for the last thirty years? This must be new, since her retirement. And barbecueing is not cooking.

Deanna: Mike no longer has to get up early so he's the designated night nurse. However, a sick child usually wants her Mommy, and Merrie is no exception.

Did you really think you were going to get a break? Ha!

That said, I have more sympathy for you re: the Housening, because you give clear and valid reasons for your apprehension, instead of just saying, "I'm scaaaaaaaared!" I don't like the foreshadowing about you trying to find work, though. And I'm SO sure Mike will take "any" job to support his family.

And she's going to inherit Connie as a friend and confidant. And April's going to be the MAID, too?! ETA: Holy crud, and I missed the bit about paying her to tend the yard! WTF?! And as far as Liz's bike, Elly was bent out of shape and she got over it. Nothing bad happened.

The Olds: No, Iris, Elly and John are not doing what you did. But think what you like. And they get visits from April, Liz, Elly and John. Guess Mike's visit was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Pets: See, you gotta read these! Now Deanna says she and Mike visited Jim. And she's gotten the warning about the river, and Dixie is so protective of the Patterspawn. And Dee, Shiimsa is a lot smarter and more perceptive than Liz. Liz doesn't act like the cat is more human; it just looks that way, compared to Liz. And now we're told that April "loves teaching Robin about animals." I knew Mike was full of it.
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