Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, May 29

Panel 1: Okay, we're just going to be flipping around between characters. So I won't complain about a lack of followup; we'll hear from April again later this week.

Meanwhile, we get another answer that's not an answer. How long is "a while"? If it's a particularly long time, why is Elly packing already? Just to show how OCD she is, or efficient, however we're supposed to take it? Or is she supposed to still be in denial? And is the roof still a problem, or did Mike's awesome friends fix it in an afternoon, for a six-pack and a pizza? And look at Merrie and Robin playing happily in the sandbox. Just Like Mike And Lizzie Used To.

Panel 2: Aw, jeez, Connie -- you could have made a clean break!

Panel 3: Connie has that elongated jaw again. You know, she's had plastic surgery before. Perhaps she's Lynn's swipe at people who get facelifts instead of letting themselves age gracefully like she does. Of course, that wouldn't explain why Connie is grasping Elly's arm with such urgency. And I can't wait for the pun on stride.

Panel 4: Reaching, guys, really reaching. We have NEVER seen either Mike or Deanna jogging before. Ever. I don't believe we've heard references to it, either, even in the retcons. And, I can deal with April being character-assassinated a lot better than with Mike's attitude. Teenagers do experiment with sex and alcohol, they do get moody, they do get jealous, they do often feel alienated. But 30 year-olds do not normally get this paranoid about home ownership.
Tags: connie, mike an' dee together, the housening

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