Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, May 16

Badly drawn butts: Well, I have to give Lovey some slack, because, well, she's old. But my gosh, why show her in the position she's in in panel 5?

Panel 1: And what a gruesome fish face. Again, sorry, but...uchhhh.

Panel 2: Hm. Well, it looks as if Lynn's breaking her rule against anything really bad happening to a Patterson. But why is Merrie so ominously silent, after she was "AHHH WAHHHHH"ing in the last strip?

Panel 3: And that's the toy she was riding. Okay, look. I know you can't keep your eye on a kid every. single. second. And you can't always predict what a 2 1/2 year old will do either. But Merrie doesn't appear able to tell anyone what happened, so Dee must have already been aware that Merrie was riding that fish-car, or whatever it is, that does not look as if it was designed to support a little kid. So why was she allowed to do that? And why was she out in the hall after Mike told her they had to be quiet?

Panel 4: So SeaweedSpit confirms her evilness, first by rubbernecking, and now by continuing the discussion about noise. Man...This is one of the worst positions to be in. Your grievance doesn't go away just because there was an accident, but if you pursue it, you look like the most heartless person in the universe.

And how is it that Deanna's torso is facing the viewer head on, while her legs are turned at a 45-degree angle? Did she fall down the stairs, too, and put her hips out of joint?

Panel 5: Yes, that's right. How dare SeaweedSpit think of anything except this completely preventable accident. No, she's not being tactful by wanting to talk about the noise problem right then, but crimeny, the whole world does not revolve around the Pattersons and their spawn. Now they're completely off the hook because Merrie broke her arm?
Tags: kelpfroths, lovey, merrie's broken arm, patterspawn

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