jelly jones (qnjones) wrote in binky_betsy,
jelly jones

Thursday, April 26

My first thought on reading this strip was, "Damn, Liz is homely." The next thought was that April's helicopter hair is totally out of control.

From what I understood, Gerald told his friends about the "wine and comfy accommodation" encounter, but we didn't really see any indication that he'd embellished it. This makes April sound like a paranoid bitch, IMHO. She told her friends about the makeout session, but got angry when Gerald did the same thing. That's a good old fashioned Patterson woman for you--holding men to a totally different standard than she does for herself.

But, I suppose Lynn means us to think that Gerald really is making up lies about April going roadside. On one hand, I think, so what? So, people think you had sex. Big deal. But, then again, having this kind of rumor spread about you can make high school a miserable experience. I know the girls who were reputed to be "roadside" or to have "been there" were mercilessly harassed in my high school because most teenage boys can't resist an opportunity to make a girl the butt of a sex joke. If that's the case, though, then this is, without question, a dumping offense. A boyfriend looking to aggrandize himself without caring what the negative consequences for his girlfriend were is not worth dating.

But, typically, both Patterson girls deal ineffectively with the situation. April stews about it instead of confronting Gerald and dumping him. Liz would apparently keep the boyfriend and make up a cute pun instead of having a serious talk about the situation. Yet again, we have typical Patterson woman behavior--being without a man is horrible, even if the man isn't worth having.

If the strip continued to age, April would end up in a bad marriage too, just like Mike and Dee and Liz and Anthony. Nonexistent communication, just living out their set roles. Too bad, because April seems to have potential, but her relationship with Gerald has proven that she just can't act like a truly independent-minded woman. She lets him call her friend a retard, she lets him spread rumors about her...etc.
Tags: qnjones, the continental, the martian creature

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