Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, April 19

Okay, I forgot Idol was an hour again.

Panel 1: Well, let's skip over the Martian Creature and start talking about the process of moving. I cannot. frakking. believe they're not saying, "April's pretty upset; I should talk to her." Are they letting her just stew in her own juice? Or have they forgotten about her entirely?

And of course they'll leave it here. You know why? Because it is not time for them to move. Elly is not ready to downsize, and they seem to think Mike deserves to have everything handed to him.

Panel 2: Exactly. And Jesus H., Elly did not even look this stricken when Jim had his stroke.

Panel 3: John found a loophole! Elly gets to shop! Now she's all for it! And is he serious? Even leaving the TV? Can't Mike an' Dee get any of their own stuff? What about Deanna wanting new stuff for HER home? This is really creeping me out. Same house, same ravine, same furniture, linens, cookware...Next thing you know, Deanna will get a long wig and Mike will get fake glasses so they can be that much like John and Elly.

Panel 4: Whatever that means. Does he want to get romantic, is that it?

Anyway, I'm glad to see it's all settled. Elly and John in the TTH with all new stuff; Mike an' Dee in this house with Elly and John's old stuff, and Liz in her new bachelorette pad! That takes care of everybody, right?
Tags: april who?, mike an' dee are sooooo pooooor, the housening, tiny train house, train man

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