Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, April the 18th

Panel 1: Um, isn't the wrong person asking that question? And we went through this before. But notice something about that strip. Back then, we were merely snarking on the idea of the too-cute family-comes-full-circle scenario. What we didn't appreciate was Mike thinking of his family. It's incredible how low Mike, and the strip in general, has sunk, past the point at which people started snarking.

Panel 2: See? She has to interrupt just to say yes. Imagine if she wanted to say no. And she looks so desperate, pleading. It can't have been Deanna's lifelong dream to live in this house, so how long has she felt she'd "love" to live here? I guess she's at the point of hanging on to what she has rather than risk losing more. ETA: And Mike's anguished facial expression gives the impression that he does NOT want the Housening to happen. I think one of the Lynnions tries to give him a longer jawline and a more prominent nose in an attempt to make him look distiguished, but it makes him look more like he can't breathe.

Panel 3: That is a really. unfortunate. angle. Not just because it makes Deanna look like a pumpkin, but because it reminds me of that scene in "The Omen." If Mike is heard to say, "Robin, here's your new tricycle!" she should run.

Anyway, WHY should Merrie and Robin totally recreate Mike's childhood? Who says it would be important to THEM? This is creeping me out. Has she been drawn into the Patterson hive mind? Or is Lynn this hooked on the idea of her son living his life as she'd like him to, that she even has her fictional son's fictional wife push the Ideal Family agenda?

Panel 4: Okay, just two things. First, I like the art here. April is trapped in what is almost an Escher maze. Good job, Lynnion, whoever you are.

Second, for anyone who hasn't heard it already, and who is on the side of "Big deal; April has to move," please bear in mind that this is not an entire family moving as a unit. It's not like when the Army transferred you or IBM transferred your dad or your house wiped out in a hurricane. This is John and Elly moving because they see themselves as empty-nesters, and April being free to tag along if she wants to.
Tags: april who?, april's choice, doormat deanna, mike an' dee together, mike has kids?, pattersons redux foreshadowing, the delicate genius, the housening, the martian creature, tiny train house

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