Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, March 24

Panel 1: That's an odd phrasing from Gordo. Is he the boss of Liz, or is he loaded too? And I might add that Gordon looks fifty if he's a day. What IS it with the rapidly-aging men in this strip? Can't a guy age handsomely in Lynn's world? Is this her revenge on society for failing, in her estimation, to accept women over thirty?

Panel 2: WILL YOU STOP WITH THE WHOAS? You're not Keanu; you're not even Joey Lawrence. And that's still an insult to Joey Lawrence, so there you are. And I'm having a really hard time believing that Gordon's fame has spread to Vancouver, or even that Warren saw the MMM compound, was impressed by it ("Whoa! Cars AND cinnamon buns?!"), remembered the name, and connected it with Gordon the instant they were introduced? After however many glasses of Cabernet he's had? Either is ridiculous.

Panel 3: Oh, here we go. How much weight has Tracey gained? Why is she furtively looking over her shoulder -- has Gordon forbidden her to talk? How does "Whoa! You own a car dealership!" constitute hitting it off? Who says "beau" any more? Is Tracey under orders to push Granthony? Will I hate the punchline? At least I know the answer to that one.


Oh. My. GOD. Leaving aside the "It was all Paul's fault" bull, if that's EVEN supposed to be a Paul Heap Big Native crack, I will go up to Corbeil and hurl a three-bean casserole in Lynn's face.
Tags: !!party!!, gordon, stick with your own kind

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