Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, March 8

Panel 1: Well, I don't like it either. Dorky, generic, Pattersonian.

Panel 2: Well, Elly, you and Liz dress "practical," and if there was a Queer Eye for women (or is there?) you'd send them both into spasms. Let April live in the 21st century.

Panel 3: Tres Chick. Ha ha. And I can see that April really needs a makeover. White pants, turtleneck, dorky jacket and, of course, propeller hair. She does appear to be wearing high-heeled boots, but they don't salvage the ensemble. Also, the matching strides, and both of them having their hands jammed in their pockets, makes my heart sink. April, don't slump like your mom! Walk proud, for heaven's sake!

Panel 4: Unfortunately, that's how it is nowadays. Sacrifice comfort for style. Whatever happened to the foreshadowings that April was going to be a hottie? Oh right: it's as bad to be babealicious as it is to be ambitious.
Tags: the martian creature

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