Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, March 4

Panel 1: Shiimsa! Liz has remembered to feed you! Liz's butt doesn't look too bad today.

Panel 2: Lips of Loveliness. But why is she taking the food upstairs?

Panel 3: What? Is she putting it in her jewelry box? Some kind of game?

Panel 4: Oh, Shiimsa's dishes are in the room. Hey, Liz, if you're feeding your cat in your room to avoid conflict with your dogs, perhaps a better way to avoid conflict would be to take your cat, and yourself, to another location.

Panel 5: Did she sniff it and jump down, or eat it and jump down? I miss having cats.

Panel 6: She didn't eat it, and now the dogs want it. How did they get upstairs? I thought they were not allowed upstairs.

Panel 7-8-9-10: So they're going to town on it. I guess it's funny, if you're into that. Actually, I shouldn't complain. LJ used to do this a lot, and it struck me as creative then.

Panel 11: What's Elly doing there? I would have thought Liz wanted her to stay out of the room.

Panel 12: Man, that really is Liz of Troy. And this is another old gag: someone making an inaccurate judgment because they don't have all the information. I'm just wondering what's wrong with Liz's hand.
Tags: pets, shiimsa

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