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March retcons!

Danged February, always catching me off guard! Yeah, that's totally the...reason why I...didn't make the connection...with today being the...first of the month. Yeah. Anyway, have at it!

Elly: That first paragraph would be a lot funnier if we didn't already know that LJ once did push Aaron outside at night in the dead of winter.

You're looking AT seed catalogues. Not AS. And wow, you complain a lot? I never noticed. And tell me that all this jazz about visiting and helping with Iris and Jim is not aimed at us. I especially love how she gets in a dig at smokers. Yeah, they deserve to be burned.

And poor Iris. I'm sure she did need to unload on someone. Not like she could have done so IN THE STRIP. But then we would have had to miss all those pet gags. Also, Elly, Iris is NOT talking to herself when she talks to Jim. He's still in there, and he's miserable too. At least Iris DOES talk to him.

Hm. The Sobinskis have offered to help, and they didn't get bashed for it? And holy retcon: April has it goin' on down in the rec room! Hiding out...been there, all right. And you get so stressed out you blow up. Well, you never thought it was a good idea to have the entire family in one house...oh wait, you did. And why does Connie have to hear about this? And who are these "others" she's supportive of?

And I can't wait to hear Liz's version of your hint at Warren. Probably, "I really don't want to discuss it, thank you for your concern."

John: That was not a light conversation, you putz.

Stop calling April a princess. She DOES live in a dungeon.

::Cookie falls to knees:: HALLELUJAH! Someone FINALLY admitted it! Deanna makes enough to buy a house! And this leads to another revelation: Mike has a mental block, or SOMETHING, when it comes to finances. He HAS to be poor, seems like.

And "of course" Mike doesn't want a workshop. And Deanna wants to sell the lots. This will undoubtedly lead to John getting the house anyway.

And again, Jim's stroke is a blessing for everyone else. Puke.

Liz: "A progressive school with not too many bottlenecks"? I dun geddit.

And Liz is all of a sudden a tough disciplinarian? Is she really, or is that just how she sees herself?

And yeah, yeah: you need your space. And you miss Mtig. Hm. And speaketh not of being a "grown-up," Miss Bunny-Clutcher.

And now I want to cram cinnamon buns down your throat. Warren was not right to set you up to be humiliated. You did not make Paul up. Well, not when you were in Mtig, anyway. You were living in a fantasy for a while, but only because you couldn't understand that YOU had effectively ended the relationship. He did care for you, until you proved that you did not care for him. You're never going to admit that you were the jerk, are you? Still, at least there's only one mention of Granthony, and it's strictly in the context of the going-after.

April: Thank god they're letting you learn to drive. And you're pursuing music, and you're spending time with Jim. And it sounds as if she's interested in some exotic guys! Gerald was fine when you were twelve, Apes, but it might be time to move on.

The Delicate Genius: Cripes, just like your sister. You leave a great gig just because you feel like it.

This is actually not too pretentious. And "Stone Season" is the title. Eh, could be worse. And we get an update on the apartments, and on the Kelpfroths. But please spare me from that second novel.

Doormat: "Reasonable seller"? I thought it was a BEST seller. And I'm really confident that he'll have time for you from now on. It totally sounds like that from his letter. Not.

Aw jeez, she really DOES want a sewing room?! And she's also a Rush fan. Who writes her, anyway?

The Olds: Yep, Iris is putting a brave face on things.

Pets: Gee, April, your dad is always making puns? Since when? And yes, you have to stop thinking like him.
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