Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, February 18

Panel 1: Okay, a snowball fight. Another device Watterson was way better with.

Panel 2: "Poff". Watterson used that word, too. Except it was "PIFF PAFF PEFF POFF PUFF" all in one panel.

Panel 3: Lips of Loveliness. Wonder why? And I do have to give Lynn props for having the only (I think, anyway) five-fingered characters.

Panel 4-5: Whatever.

Panel 6: Okay, at this point, they might as well be 9 and 14 again.

Panel 7: Yep, that's exactly what Mike did when they were those ages.

Panel 8: Well, at least Liz is not having a screaming fit like she did then.

Panel 9: And it is a refreshing change to see happy, smiling Pattersons.

Panel 10: Whatever. I forget who said it, but I think they're totally right: the reason FOOB males have such womanly figures is because they're drawn from female templates. John looks like an ad for Slenderalls.

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