Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, February 11

Jeez, you don't know how antsy I was, hearing you guys talk about this strip and not having seen it yet!

Panel 1: Gads, even I would choke on all those hearts and frills, and I'm very frou-frou, as Gen-Xers go.

Panel 2: Mike looks like he's marching in to take care of some unpleasant business. I love his girlish hair blowing in the breeze, and his askew eyebrows, and his eyes glaring at the floor.

Panel 3: Now he appears to be cringing. I guess this is supposed to be uncomfortable for him. Wonder why, since he was possessed by Sheilagh until very recently.

Panel 4: Well, I said already that I don't think it's overkill to acknowledge one's mom on V-Day, even if you're married. But the interrobang looks like "Why aren't you getting a gift for your mother, you ungrateful beast!" Sisters, I'm not sure about. Although I wonder what effect a valentine or gift from Mike would have on Liz. Would it cheer her up to have someone acknowledge her, or would it send her deeper into depression, that the ONLY person giving her anything is her "disgusting brother," as she calls him?

Panel 5: So Robin gets bubkes, I take it. Granted, it's a guy thing, but I wonder how he'll feel if Merrie gets candy or something and he doesn't.

Panel 6: Ah, jeez. At this point, I'd say get one box of candy for everyone to share, and just one personal gift for Dee.

Panel 7: Okay, so it's all small things. Well, hell, at least Mike is doing something nice for other people for once.

Panel 8: Yeah, I draw the line there. Who says you NEED gift tags?

Panel 9: With anyone else, I would say I understand. But in Mike's case, this is the first thoughtful gesture I remember him making since Deanna's first Mother's Day. Suck it up, you [boxcar]ing jerk.
Tags: men r dum, the delicate genius

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