Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, February 7

Panel 1: Sigh. Iris has to narrate every minute of her and Jim's lives. I understand why, though: anything's better than silence.

Panel 2: OMG! You guys called it! The Delicate Genius finally, FINALLY has time to visit his ailing grandfather, now that he has good news. What. A. Dick. Also, you can barely see the comma, so it looks like "Grandpa Iris".

Panel 3: He doesn't have that kind of brain damage, Mike. He can grasp the concept without you saying, "Book, Grampa!!" And is it not sad that this is the first he's heard of you even writing the damn thing? You didn't tell him, Elly didn't tell him, April might have, but why would she want to talk about you? Way to keep in contact, jackass.

Panel 4: Well, that does happen sometimes, unfortunately. But effectively, someone finally cursed Mike out! Happy dance!

Panel 5: Oh, go to hell, Mike. How dare you take offense, how dare you demand an explanation from Iris, who is trying every way she can to deal with her husband with no help from any of his family, and how dare you say "Is he crazy?" right in front of him. Cuss him again, Jim.
Tags: dickhead mike, did you know mike is a writer?, grampa, mike gets published, stroke aftermath, the delicate genius

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