Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

February retchcons

Okay, let's try this. I don't want to take down my speculative retcons, because I think they're funny. But today's strip needs a second thread. So if you can't navigate the first thread, post your comments here, and I'll open another thread when the retcons go up.

Elly: My son is a successful writer, and it's all because of me! Oh, and April's a spoiled princess.

John: Now that Mike is getting published, I can purchase the Tiny Train House! April's a spoiled princess, BTW.

Liz: Paul is a jerk, pardon my language. Anthony's coming by later to take me out for cinnamon buns. It'll be good to get away from that spoiled princess April.

April: My family is walking all over me with steel cleats, but that's okay. My brother is a published writer, and even though my dad says ambition is bad, it doesn't count in his case. Laters taters! Don't you love my phat slang?

Mike: Fain, that I should palpate the parchment of publication profundity! Lo, my spoiled princess sister knocketh; she must procure her undergarments from the wainscotting.

Deanna: Duh. I married the greatest guy in the world. Uh. Perhaps he'll remember my name soon. April is a spoiled princess.

Iris: Jim learned to hold his fork today. I wonder if anything interesting happened to his family lately? I'm off to water my plants.

The Pets: Elly hates Shiimsa. April is a spoiled princess.

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