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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

(Originally published Wednesday, June 3, 1992)

The one where Mike says something that Elly has been saying for years.

Panel 1:  Mike stalks away mid-conversation forcing Martha to follow him.  Martha is “like, majorly in love” as Lynn tries her best to imitate the Valley girl speak of the 1980s.  This is Lynn’s way of saying that Martha is not actually in love with Jason Finkbeiner and has probably not been on a date with him, but has begun her pursuit of him. 

Panel 2:  Martha hopes Mike is not angry at her for being honest as she continues to follow him.  No, Martha.  Honesty is not Mike’s way.  Mike is the kind of guy who writes you a letter and then assumes that you have broken up with him because you did not write back.  He is the master of the indirect.  Having a direct conversation with Mike is like a torture to him and that’s why he is walking away from you instead of talking to you.  This is the type of confrontation Mike prefers:

Panel 3: Martha is now frustrated that Mike is not willing to talk and falls into explaining just why it is they should be able to talk, i.e., they have been together for a long time (although Martha calls it “friends”).  Technically Mike and Martha were only friends at the summer camp for a short period of time and then she kissed him and altered the relationship.  That time of being just friends is a very short period.

Panel 4:  Michael turns into Elly Patterson and speaks her truth.  “Aaughh” with 2 A’s and 2 h’s is really more Peanuts than For Better or For Worse:

However, Elly has come close to that spelling on many occasions.

Summary:  And that is the end of it.  I remember break-ups were often that way in high school, when the relationships were not expected to be long term and girls (particularly pretty ones like Martha), could move from boy to boy without much difficulty and without much consequence.  Mike and Martha are a different sort.  They have been together for four years and that is a really long time in high school.  Many couples I knew that were together that long ended up married after graduation.  Michael is not trying to stop the end of the relationship and tomorrow when dreadedcandiru2 returns, he will reveal the reason why.

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