December 2nd, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 4 December 2021

The one where they say people can't be figured out because they don't want to figure themselves out lest they see needy airheads who live and die by what other people think.

Panel 1: On the bus ride home, Liz wonders why some people (pronounced "Candace") act so weird. Why do some people play games (pronounced "do things that imply that the Pattersons aren't smart or brave or correct or morally right")?

Panel 2: She says that she has to figure "someone" out every time they meet because the alternative is admitting that they're dead easy to understand but doing so means admitting that Liz is a shallow and oblivious dolt who doesn't like to respect boundaries and is also putty in the hands of hucksters with an agenda.

Panel 3: Some people are hard to figure out no matter hard a Patterson tries to spin things to make themselves in the right. When she asks Dawn why that is, Dawn doesn't know.

Panel 4: She's busy trying to figure herself out in a manner that doesn't imply that she's a highly suggestible young girl.

Summary: Liz and Dawn wind-up toys. Candace wind Liz and Dawn up. Liz and Dawn no agency. Candace's fault for not realizing Liz and Dawn do what told..