October 22nd, 2021

Royally Peeved Candiru

Sunday, 24 October 2021

The dialogue-free one that predicts how and why Farley will die.

Panel 1: As John rakes the leaves in the background, we find April crunching a pile underfoot.

Panel 2: This is she can happily dive into it.

Panel 3: April learns that while leaves are brightly coloured, they taste bad.

Panel 4: They are far more fun to throw in the air.

Panel 5: Poorly drawn leaves are also fun to roll around in.

Panel 6: A while later, Elly comes up to John and 'says' a picture of April. This means that she has finally realized that yet again, she lost track of a child because she was doing something that she can't admit was useless.

Panel 7: The two of them seem to be calling her name. This is futile because April is not at the age where she comes running when she hears her own name.

Panel 8: Since John and Elly are limited by having Lynn's non-existent understanding of how children think and behave, this continues on and gets more desperate-looking.

Panel 9: We find April's actual primary care-giver Farley looking at April who has fallen asleep in a pile of leaves while in the background, the so-called parents go crazy looking for her.

Summary: This hints at a thing to come: April going missing again because Elly's head is up her ass and also April being blamed for Elly's witlessness and negligence.