October 9th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Canadian Thanksgiving 2021

The one where Gordon finally reminds Allyson who he is....just not how he wanted to.

Synopsis: Gordon stands around moping because there seems to be no way he can get Allyson's attention away from the boy she actually likes when someone gives the moving target in the trucker hat a wedgie.

Summary: Gordon has memory problems which prevent him from seeing the fact that Allyson is thinking "Why did So-and-so do that to the idiot who yelled HOLY SPANDEX!!! I'M HAVING A HORMONE ATTACK!!!!"

He also has a problem that Tracey turns out to have: the idea that if he's sincere enough, the person he's fixated on will decide that she should date him even though they'd be bad for one another.