September 13th, 2021

Cynical Candiru

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

The one where children are stupid and bad because they don't wanna parade around in the dowdy and vaguely androgynous clothes that don't threaten Mom Martyrs.

Synopsis: After being dropped off at the mall, Liz 'helps' Candace and Dawn with shopping for school clothes. This is made difficult by the transition between summer and winter clothing and also the fact that all that's left is stuff they don't wanna buy because it's the dreck Mommy likes. Since a stoooopid, heavy-handed point about how children aren't fit to decide things for themselves, we're meant to take Liz's comment about nothing there to buy literally.

Summary: This leads into what should be a look at eating disorders but is instead used to shame people and worsen body image issues.

Page About "Lynn's Love of Animation"


The only interesting thing is that Lynn is back to saying she dropped out of art school during third year:

My third year at art school was difficult. There was nothing, other than an outdated commercial art course, to keep my interest—and those of us who took the course were called "the hacks" because we were hoping to make money from our art. Heaven forbid one should make a living as an artist!