September 8th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 10 September 2021

The one that establishes Candace as being everything wrong with teenage girls.

Panel 1: We find the threesome at the cafeteria watching Dawn express her doubts about the new school because she was used to the old one.

Panel 2: We then get a mighty blast of Lynn's misuse of terms she doesn't really understand when Dawn complains that after a year of being the oldest students in the old school, they're the youngest in the new one.

Panel 3: Candace has no problem with any of that. Dawn asks her why she thinks the place is ever neat.

Panel 4: She sets herself up for about a decade of being a sitcom antagonist spat on by a prickly annoyance called Liz Patterson by saying that half of them are boys.

Summary: Liz might as well thought-bubble that there's something about Candace that makes her jealous and she doesn't know why....mostly because she doesn't want to admit to being the problem.
Snarky Candiru2

It Better End Soon: School Dazed

Today's whimpering about Molly's first days in grade school follows Sarah's usual pattern.

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This is because we get the "look back with anger" crap when she disses her teachers, her incoherent whining about having to put on her big girl panties and be a parent, her jabbering about how her children seem to handle life better and her envying them the confidence she'll chip away at given time.
Snarky Candiru2

Useful Notes: This is me in Grade Number Whatever.....

As you know, Lynn tends to make a dog's breakfast of things because she doesn't understand the American way of describing grades. She knows that there are high school juniors and seniors but she misunderstood what they are and misuses them to mean "younger students and older students". In an effort to clarify things, here are some useful notes.

1) First off, we're not in the habit of describing anything as "Xth grade"; what you would call "first grade" is "Grade One" and what Americans call a first grader is a Grade One student to me.

2) This extends to senior high. What you call high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are Grade Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve students where I live.

3) We don't even use freshman and the lot at University but instead use "First, Second, Third and Fourth Year students.

4) The one thing we do have in common is Kindergarten as it's the same in both countries.

So that means if I end up wondering why Mike spent two years in Grade Three, you'll know what I mean.😂🤣😁

This, of course, only applies to ENGLISH Canada. The Quebec system is rather different and goes as follows:

1) Kindergarten/maternelle. Same as in English Canada.

2) Elementary school/école primaire: Grades One to Six/Niveaux 1-6. (levels one to six).

3) Secondary school/école secondaire Secondary I-V (Grades 7 - 11).

To make up for the absence of a Grade 12, Quebec has a sort of college prep school called a Cegep that's half-way between being what you'd call a junior college (and what I'd call community college) and a technical school.