September 4th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Labor Day 2021

The one where Elly says that the year starts when the kids go away.

Panel 1: It's the first day of school and we get a bunch of aspirational crap that's pure D wish fulfillment for busy moms with nooooooo help and noooooo time to themselves. This is because as Mike and Liz leave for the day, Liz says that she made her own lunch (which is going to be a problem because she was never shown how to) and Mike is leaving for an early bus that Elly doesn't question.

Panel 2: When she goes to hand April off to Anne for the day, Elly gushes irrationally about how it's nice to have the kids at school because they're going to make new friends and new plans. It's a whole new beginning.

Panel 3: Anne goes stupid about how she can get her house in order while Elly forgets that the kids are the ones forced to adapt to her hobby job.

Panel 4: Lynn reminds us that she doesn't like being a mother when she asks who says that the new year begins in January.

Summary: Elly might wanna hold off on that new friends thing given what happens next Monday. Next Monday, Liz reminds us that she doesn't like having her social circle expand.