September 1st, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 3 September 2021

The one where John and Elly don't realize how readily Liz panics about things.

Panel 1: We find ourselves back on the other side of the phone call as Liz and Elly get to talking about Jim and Marian's anniversary. Liz finally finds out that today is the day and Elly explains that they've been married for forty-three years.

Panel 2: Liz is impressed by this while (as John's silhouette materializes) Elly says that in today's society, yes it is.

Panel 3: People these days, you see, don't put up with things the way they used to. Divorce has become more commonplace between fundamentally incompatible people and that's just the way things are. It has nothing to do with the divorce law in my home and native land becoming less insanely punitive in the past half-century, no, not at all. Society is crumbling.

Panel 4: Liz tells us what she actually thinks of her parents when she tells them to hang in there and tough it out.

Summary: This sort of puts a bit of a spin on her wanting to marry a man like John. This tells me that she sees her as a better fit for a John-like person than Elly is.
Snarky Candiru2

It Better End Soon: Thirty Days Hath Boring-Ass Idiocy.

Today's look through the greasy interior of Sarah's mind has her resent September because it means the humiliation of being revealed to be ignorant and unmotivated. (Warning: Black Cloud Of Rage Ahead.)

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Personal Notes:

1) September is bad because Sarah was a shitty, unmotivated and disagreeable failure of a student. Boy, is she a Patterson or what?

2) It is assumed that since she's a whiny snot who wanted to skate through life, everyone shares her hatred for September.

3) She's gonna make her kids hate September because she's a mewling infant. This will end with us having to slog through the yowlings of a Karen all butt-hurt about pitched battles in clothes stores and panic buying of school supplies.