August 17th, 2021


Thursday, 19 August 2021

(Originally published Thursday, August 20, 1992)

The one where Mike thinks Martha threw him away which is a call-back to the way Lynn Johnston talks about her first husband when she wants people to believe their divorce was entirely his fault. (It wasn’t.)  In this case, you have to forget that Michael ignored Martha causing her to seek after other more attentive men.  Now that the new guy has dumped her, she is going back to the old familiar.  Will Michael be able to overcome his desire to ignore Martha?  Let’s see.

Panel 1: Michael thought balloons in every single panel of the comic strip, which is usually the sign of a terrible comic strip and this time is no exception.  Nevertheless, it is not out-of-character for the self-absorbed Michael and it does put across his self-centredness very nicely.  In panel 1 we see a contrast.  He has both loved and hated Martha.   I am not sure I have seen either one of those emotions from Michael about Martha, to be honest.

Panel 2: Michael doesn’t know how he feels.  Fill in your favourite joke about why Michael Patterson is going to be a terrible writer.

Panel 3: Thank goodness Martha talks, even if it is “Hi, Michael”.   It is a welcome relief from all the thought balloons.  Michael is going to make his decision based entirely on how he feels looking at her.  Who will win?:  Michael’s stomach or Michael’s feelings?  Burger or babe?

Panel 4:  Michael feels nothing.   I think Martha is waiting for “Hi, Martha” in response, like a normal human being would say, but Michael Patterson is no normal human being.  He’s a Patterson.  Martha is going to be waiting a long time for that “Hi, Martha.”

Summary: Michael has decided that feeling nothing is the way to go.  It’s like he is talking about his acting class in the musical A Chorus Line